Turning Up the Heat to Cool Down

Swiss Furnace's SF900 Revolutionary Cooling Applications
Think solar energy, and you likely imagine heating. But Swiss Furnace's SF900 system is here to broaden our perceptions, delivering a revolutionary approach to cooling that capitalizes on the power of the sun. Harnessing solar energy and feeding it to energy-hungry absorption chillers, SF900 creates cooling solutions just when you need them most - when the sun's shining brightest.

Industrial Processes
The SF900 system is a game-changer for industrial operations. Many industries, such as metalworking and glass production, require both heating and cooling during processes. The solar-powered SF900 offers reliable temperature regulation, optimizing both parts of the production cycle and boosting efficiency.

Data Centers
For data centers, managing overheating is critical. With SF900, data centers can achieve efficient cooling, reducing the risk of system failures and extending server life. The system aligns with the industry's move towards sustainable solutions, helping to decrease carbon footprint and energy costs.

Commercial Buildings
Commercial buildings can also benefit from SF900's innovative cooling capabilities. By driving absorption chillers, SF900 offers sustainable cooling solutions, reducing reliance on traditional air conditioning and contributing to lower energy expenses and a greener image.

District Cooling Systems
Cities can harness the SF900 for district cooling, delivering refreshing temperatures to residents during the hottest days, all while reducing energy demand. This approach can contribute significantly to a city's sustainability goals.

Agriculture and Food Processing
In agriculture and food processing, maintaining optimal temperatures is crucial for preserving product quality. SF900's solar-powered cooling can maintain these conditions efficiently and sustainably, aligning with the industry's move towards eco-friendly practices.

Process Cooling in Renewable Energy Technologies
SF900 is also valuable in renewable energy technologies, where process cooling is often needed to maintain system performance and safety. By powering absorption chillers, the SF900 offers a sustainable and reliable cooling solution, improving the overall efficiency of renewable energy systems.

Swiss Furnace's SF900 is rewriting the rules of solar energy application. Offering sustainable heating and cooling solutions, it's addressing diverse needs across sectors, showcasing how we can harness the sun's energy more efficiently and innovatively than ever before.
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