Swiss-based Renewable Energy Systems Manufacturer, specializing in high-temperature Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) technology with the design and production of the SF900 system for advanced renewable energy solutions.
These shiny mirrors catch sunlight and aim it just like a superhero, right at our solar tower! That's exactly what we've created at Swiss Furnace. These aren't ordinary mirrors, they're special - we call them heliostats. What's super about them? They keep the sunlight as it is, pure and strong, perfect for creating loads of energy. This is what Swiss Furnace is all about - using clever, simple ideas to power industries and care for our planet at the same time. With our power-packed mirrors, we're bringing sunlight and your business together for a brighter future.

Mirrors of Power:
Harnessing the Sun with Swiss Precision

Introducing the standout innovation of Swiss Furnace - our unique cube-shaped receiver. A marvel of design and function, it captures concentrated sunlight from our mirrors and turns it into powerful heat. Pure physics making sunshine power your factory. The mirrors on its other sides serve as a symbol, reminding us that solutions, like the sun's energy, are all around us. The power cube is Swiss Furnace's testament to capturing and repurposing the sun's might for industrial use. Step into the future with Swiss Furnace and fuel your industrial process with the abundant, ever-present energy of the sun.

The Power Cube:
From Sunlight to Industrial Strength


Sun: Endless Fusion
High-Temperature Power
Power Uninterrupted:
Keep your operations fueled around the clock with SF900's thermal storage. Each unit, engineered with eco-friendly materials, banks a robust 1 MWh of solar energy. Unlike conventional batteries, our solution offers a timeless energy reserve without harmful environmental impacts. Depend on SF900's thermal storage for a constant, green power supply that keeps your industry moving — no matter the hour. This is the energy assurance your business deserves.

SF900's Sustainable Thermal Storage

Thermal System

absorption chillers
From generating steam to driving cooling solutions through absorption chillers, our expertise covers a broad range of applications.

We focus on seamless integration and collaborate with your existing service providers.
for Endless Energy, Cool Air, and Fresh Water
for Endless Energy, Cool Air, and Fresh Water
Nobody can embargo sunlight. No cartel controls the sun. Its energy will not run out. It will not pollute our air or poison our waters. It is free from stench and smog. The sun's power needs only to be collected, stored and used. President Jimmy Carter, 1978


Businesses becomes more competitive & prepared for the carbon free and greener future by transitioning their process heat to renewable energy. Swiss Furnace SF900 covers energy intensive industrial heat processes. As solar abundance correlates with water scarcity and hot climate SF900 fits well for water generation and cooling processes.

Heat Intensive Processes

Maximize efficiency in your operations with our SF900 Furnace. Its robust construction and advanced temperature control deliver reliable, continuous heat, making it the prime choice for heat-intensive industrial processes, from metal forging to glass manufacturing


Swiss Furnace's SF900 isn't just for heat! It's also a game-changer for industrial cooling processes. In cooling applications energy demand is in synch with the availability of sunshine, thus lower cost installations provide higher yield. By utilizing solar energy for industrial cooling, companies reduce their dependence on fossil fuels and they create carbon credits.


Tackle water scarcity with Swiss Furnace's SF900. Its energy-efficient heat capabilities enable scalable, cost-effective water treatment, and atmospheric water generation, facilitating industries in arid regions.
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Swiss Furnace GmbH is a groundbreaking name in the high-temperature Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) technology industry. We have actualized a vision of sustainable energy utilization with our SF900 system, an innovative solution reflecting Swiss precision and ingenuity.
Our mission encompasses harnessing the sun's boundless energy, unlocking the efficiency of heliostat-tower CST systems, powering high-temperature industrial processes, and offering compact, plug-and-operate solutions. By continuously pushing the boundaries of sustainable industrial practices, Swiss Furnace GmbH is not just harnessing the sun but fueling a sustainable future.
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